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Rosie the Riveter and Daenerys Targaryen for the ladies and emperors for the gents are trending this Halloween

Halloween is upon us again. While the day would have not held any significance for us until a few years ago, now, you’re not the coolest person in the room if you aren’t attending a Halloween party, or so it may seem. Party goers have been attending theme parties since the weekend and those who plans on attending such dos tonight are probably already looking up DIY costume and make-up videos online, shopping for fake blood, while others are trying their hand at art and craft. If you’ve still not decided on your outfit, here are some ideas that might just help.

According to stylist and blogger, Pranita Mehta, “Indians make the most of the night, wearing interesting costumes and playing games. People usually take inspiration from legends, myths, movies, to dress up as strong and confident characters.”

“With the #metoo wave flowing across the globe, feminism has been a part of a lot of contexts. So, this Halloween, you could be Rosie the Riveter, Cleopatra, Daenerys Targaryen, Frida Kahlo, or Eleven from Stranger Things. There are many options for powerful women. I’d pick Frida Kahlo. Only someone as unapologetic, bold, and beautiful as her could ask, ‘Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?’”

“To achieve Frida Kahlo’s look, you’d need to create thick joined brows with brow powder and liner, saturated blushed cheeks, braids tied behind a floral headgear, a colourful Mexican attire with chunky beaded accessories, and you’re good to go,” Pranita suggests.

“The Indian version of The Corpse Bride is another look that’s trending this year, thanks to international make-up artist and Instagrammer, Tamanna Roashan. Disney princesses have always been a hit, but this time it looks like Moana will be a favourite. Also, unicorn/unicorn Frappuccino costumes/makeup will be a fad this year,” says Sangeeta M., a freelance makeup artist.

Most party goers scout the internet for ideas, as YouTube and Instagram are inundated with tutorials, but to break it down for you, if you are going for generic Halloween make-up, Pranita says, “Smokey eyes, spider webs around the face, darker lips, fake blood, and scar tattoos that are also available online are a few tricks to achieve the typical Halloween look.”

The men too have a variety of interesting options this year. “Move over scary clowns and pirates, and say hello to period costumes,” says Rajiv Mathur, an apparel merchandiser, adding, “You could dress as the Pharaoh of Egypt, Caesar, or pretty much any emperor. And for those that don’t want to spend time or money making headgear and weapons or buying gladiator sandals, occupation costumes are not hard to put together. You could be a cop, a fire-fighter, or even a zoo keeper, with hardly any effort.”

Couple costumes have been and will always be popular. “This time around, you could consider going as Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible, Gaston and Belle, Ghostbusters, Robin Hood and Maid Marian, the magician and his rabbit, milk and cookies or as soap and loofah. Everybody’s got their game face on.” Sangeeta says.

With so many already celebrating the spirit of spook, it sure looks like tonight’s shenanigans will include some funky costumes and loads of frightening fun!

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