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Nayakapodus raised funds and built a new temple in their village

Members of the Nayakpodu tribe in the tiny village of Pinjaramadugu in Kamepalli mandal continue to follow the age-old tradition of worshipping Pancha Pandavas — the main characters of the epic Mahabharata — and the Pandava queen Draupadi with unflinching devotion.

The Pancha Pandavas — Dharmaraja, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva — are held in great veneration by the tribal people here for their virtuous qualities as exemplified in the great epic.

New temple

Earlier this year, the tribe contributed money and raised funds from others for the construction of a new temple dedicated to Pandavas close to the dilapidated Pandavas temple in the village. They built the impressive shrine on the banks of the Peddacheruvu, a rivulet, the lifeline of the local farmers and fishermen.

The sanctum sanctorum of the new temple houses the idols of the Pancha Pandavas, Draupadi, Lord Sri Krishna and Goddess Bhoodevi, sculpted by some gifted artisans from Warangal Urban district.

Traditional values

The original utsav idols of the old Pandavas temple had been preserved at the new shrine, sources said.

“For generations we Nayakapodus have been worshipping Pandavas,” says B. China Venkanna, tribal priest of the Pandavas temple. “We pooled money with the support of the local fishermen cooperative society and donors and built the new shrine dedicated to Pandavas a couple of months ago,” he added.

“Pandavas symbolise virtues and are a great source of inspiration for leading a righteous life. They deserve to be worshipped for their undeterred commitment to uphold Dharma against all odds,” he said, referring to the valiant fight waged by the Pandavas against Kauravas as narrated in the Mahabharata.

Annual jatara

The Pandavas temple attracts devotees in droves during the annual jatara held in the village on the occasion of Dasara festival to mark the triumph of good over evil, recalls Nagabhushanam, a farmer of the village.

“The great epic contains valuable message for humanity and the temple serves as a platform to spread spiritual knowledge to inculcate moral values among younger generation,” Venkateshwarlu, a fisherman said.

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